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If the Canadian songwriter and guitarist Marshall Lawrence comes to the home visit, then says the expert on one of the songs most accomplished acoustic guitarist of the current blues scene. His new album “House Call” makes it clear that for the Blue Doctor lyrics and stories of the songs are much more decisive than his fingerpicking and slide playing. This is contemporary blues, as it should be: politically, honest and always full of courage and compassion.
When the Blind Boys of Alabama the “Closing Factory Blues” chant, that’s when all acoustic elegance so moving that you are willing to join the demonstration. Rarely in recent years, so clearly political blues songs have been put forward as convincing as the “Doctor of the Blues” Marshall Lawrence here on his new album.
The doctor of psychology is one of the musicians who take John Lee Hooker’s blues award issued as a healer very seriously: Blues heals the musicians as well as listeners who feels addressed by the songs. So here is rather less space for mentally lifted deep lyrical escapades but for simple everyday and universal stories. About the woman who can not be understood simply as a man, about the death, the end takes all life in his black train, the eternal joy of wandering around without thinking about the consequences, the next party next Saturday. Or the rich who get the blues, despite all of their money just yet. Miserable, the blues are the people then all the same Even if the sadness behind the money maybe can hide better. It’s blues, the blues was before Jahrhzehnten so Blues have today and will play in the future, if you want to take him seriously: Deep sad from time to time, but often just too wild full of life, full of references to Mississippi of the early period but also the country, the current folk music.
That Lawrence has a penchant for historic guitars, you can listen to – and even see the booklet: Various Dobros or National Steel’s guitars are used here. Lawrence is supported on “House Call” especially of the harmonica by Dave “Hurricane” Hoerl, bassist Russell Jackson and drummer Dwayne Hrinkiw. And if it is in the sound, then David Aide puts on Hammond the only “electric” sound surfaces as one of the best acoustic blues albums of 2013. “House Call” appears on 21 May 2013, and can be purchased in this country the best on CD Baby.

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