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Marshall Lawrence – “House Call”
Author / ica: Mladen Loncar – Mike, on 21.05.2013 15:09
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The close relationship between Marshall Lawrence and me has been going on for years. In fact, at the very beginning of my intense promotional work, just Marshall is among the first to recognize my serious intentions and here’s where we are today. That’s why I’m glad that I got the EXCLUSIVE opportunity to introduce his new album, House Call , which just today, 21 May in his own edition published Marshall Lawrence akaDoctor of the Blues .

Although, for more than a month and a half ago in my recordings is this album, although I have spent with him many pleasant trenutke.I right at the beginning, surprising is the fact that I and Marshall clearly defined its interests blues.There is nothing … except lavish, traditional blues forms. Precisely in that its simplicity blues Marshall Lawrence aka Doctor of the Blues very very shiny and it shows in all its beauty. promotion World Marshall experiencing over Blind Raccoon in Memphis, expertly led by the winner of the prestigious award KBA (Keeping The Blues Alive), indeed always I quite fond Betsie Brown. All those who love traditional blues expression will find ‘something special’ in offered and recorded songs from the album House Call. Since a number of years following this musical style, are free to write and show you my perception of the album. And she would briefly look like this: ‘acoustic and slide guitar, harmonica sound extremely interesting and in some compositions even intriguing. This time, Marshall goes further, deeper … moving his interest and presentation form of traditional Delta blues, gospel and back. Yes, I really do not know why Marshall researching something else … he is coping very well in these waters, so let it remain so. His vocal is now mature and has the power and penetration. As for the music, Marshall Lawrence practiced the essential Delta blues and really not for everyone. Album House Call we must listen and watch through the lens and access to years of experience, which has this musician whose nickname “Doctor of the Blues’ says a lot I itself. In its simplicity and direct approach Marshall and his presentation form clearly and directly shows where all this leads to …. Mississippi delta. The estimated quality of the album will win all true blues connoisseurs and there really should not be any problem, indeed!

Singer, composer and multi-instrumentalist brings us this time and presents us 11 new original, original songs and two cover songs. This time with him, there are: Dave “Hurricane” Hoerl (harmonica), Russell Jackson (bass), David Aide (Hammond B-3 organ), Barry Allen (background vocals), Dwayne Hrinkiw (drums), and there are special guests: the legendary Holmes Brothers. ‘s hard for me to single out individual pieces, but you have to point out the following poem, which operate on the first and immediately you win, they are: Mean Momma Blues, I Got to Ramble, Factory Closing Blues with the excellent Holmes Brothers, The Ballad of Molly Brown, Please Help Me Find My Way Home, Canned Heat Blues, Death’s Black Train with drums Barry Allen and Barry, who joins him and together they sing: ‘Oh, the little black train is coming, get your business right, you better get your house in order, cause the train be here tonight. ‘ Marshall’s presentation this formula style called ‘Neo-Delta Blues & Roots’. And it is precisely this acoustic ‘slide & finger-style blues’, which in its basic meaning is innervated listener for the real and true blues style … which simply does not equal! Neo-Delta Blues & Roots is actually a delta blues with his unique and highly inspiring rarity delta blues and ‘acid Twist’ RECOMMENDATION: his album House Call “Doctor of the Blues’ Marshall Lawrence of Alberta gives a clear overview of his work. Of the 13 songs are only 2 treatment and only to immediately know … this album is not in wide use, it is intended selected blues connoisseurs who derive their satisfaction from what is known Mississippi mud. others write the following:

This is what I call a Super Bad Man Blues …. Indie Lady A, WSF Radio, OnlineHe’s a native of Edmonton, Alberta but plays the bottleneck guitar as if he grew up in the Mississippi Delta …. WGLT, Normal, IL Fantastic blues from this technician that has doctored the blues to perfection … For those of you that love the sound of resonator guitar blues, this album will make you a patient of Lawrence …. Tannehill Trader, Tuscaloosa, AL At the end I want to quote the winner of the prestigious awards for KBA Journalism Dave Rubin, who writes:As an inoculation against the ills of the modern world, House Call delivers a shot of blues power directly to the soul. More of everything you know

Track listing:

1st Mean Momma Blues
second I Got To Ramble
third Factory Closing Blues
fourth Please Help Me Find My Way Home
5th Ballad Of Molly Brown
6th Biscuit Rolling Daddy
7th Rich Man Can not Get The Blues
8th Canned Heat Blues
9th I Wanna Love You
10th AnotherSaturdayNight
11th Long Way Back Home
12th Hey Girl (Tired Of Your Lying)
13th Death’s Black Train ( Blind Raccoon ) Discography: Where’s the Party (2003) The Morning After (2008) Blues Intervention (2010)

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