Hello Blues Army,
          Here’s a new review of my CD Blues Intervention in the Midwest Record,

ENJOY !!  I am a happy man !!!

MARSHALL LAWRENCE/Blues Intervention:  This cat has been around in several musical skins for a long time but these days he comes to you as the cat that played the folk bar every Tuesday and Wednesday forever.  He wasn’t there looking for a hit, he knew his way around a resonator guitar and could deliver the folk/blues as well as any other white boy.  And you went to see him on a regular basis before must see TV and mortgage crisis’s and whatever. But he’s still playing it the same way.  A staunch member of a genre we should name “Steve Goodman Music”, ….Lawrence…. is on the money with a set that will always be good company in the car.  He has a dandy way of taking you someplace out of the mainstream without being precious.




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